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Cat Apartment Project

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Fashioned after the program at Animal Ark Shelter in Minnesota, our wonderful volunteers are hard at work building the cat apartments at the adoption center. Research shows that while housing animals in cages is not good for their medical or behavioral health, allowing cats free roaming access is also not the best for them either. Cat apartments will allow the cats to live in small compatable groups in home like settings, thus creating healthier and happier cats ready to go to forever homes.  Come take a pictorial journey through the process in our photo gallery.  Sponsorships of additional cat apartments are available.  For more information on sponsorships, contact us at

We want to give a huge shout out to the sponsors of the first two cat apartments. 

  • Newfane Lumber
  • Twin City Glass
  • Danny & Michele Hutchison
  • Jimmy Hitchison
  • Chuck & Beth Branch
  • Kevin & Michelle Thompson
  • Beth & Dale Figlioti
  • Home Depot Lockport
  • Spaulding Hardware
Cat Apartement Day 1 - First Cat Apartment Day 1 - Last
Starting the day building the frame Ending the day with the frame completed


March Catness

Adoption Fees Waived on Adult Cats throughout March

What better way to watch the big games than a cold beer, some munchies and a furry cat to sit beside you.  All cats over 1 year are adoption fee waived throughout the month of March, so come out and meet your next feline companion.

Boots Luna Updated
Midnight Updated Dolly Updated
Sheldon Updated Queenie Updated

Miss Emma and the Kitty Cat Eyes

Our Community Cats Alive Team rescues all

Miss EmmaOur Community Cats Alive team do amazing work.  Taking time out of their busy schedule they travel into WNY areas trapping and transporting free roaming community cats to veterinary clinics where they are neutered, vaccinated and returned to their original areas.  TNVR is the only cost effective and humane way to deal with free roaming cats as decades of catch and kill programs have done nothingn to reduce the free roaming cat population. 

Part of the program includes the ability to take in, care for and eventually adopt out kittens young enough to be socialized to people, which is where Buffalo Humane comes in.  Some are born at our shelter as we hold their moms until the kittens can be weaned and moms TNVR'd and returned to their community.  Some are captured as young kittens along with their moms.  Some are at that key age of 6-10 weeks where bringing them into the shelter and exposing them to people will create completely social and adoptable kittens, but while they are young enough, they also tend to have a myriad of health issues that need to be treated.  This year alone we have had 10 cats or kittens with eye issues ranging from burst eyeballs, to entropian to outright blindness. Surgery will be required on most of these, the cost of which can reach into the hundreds of dollars for each cat.

But perhaps our most heartwrenching rescue was Miss Emma - born to the streets of the West side of Buffalo, Emma and her sibling Everett were surviving - barely.  Everett was finding food and bringing it back to Miss Emma, because Emma is paralyzed in her hind leg area.  Emma drags her back legs and has learned to get around, but we want to try to find a better solution for this sweet girl.  She has come from having no movement at all, to moving her tail and toes and we are hopeful that she will one day regain the use of her back legs, but if not - a wheelchair might be in her future. 

Whatever the future brings for Miss Emma, we are commited to doing whatever it takes to make sure she has a happy and healthy life.  Won't you please help us help her and the other special needs kittens in our care?